An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 Singal Meta Game

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PostSubject: Singal Meta Game   Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:13 pm

You will probably have noticed by now that gaining influence and building in Singal work a bit different than the usual meta game that applies to all other provinces. I will try to give you all an overview of how we plan to run things here.

Gaining Influence/ Improving your Status:

To improve your status you will have to control a certain portion of the city proportional to the income level of the aspired status level.
E.g. you want to become burghers at the moment, burghers have an income level of 30% (see meta game rules), so you will have to control at least 5 of Singal's districts, one of which must at least be tradesmen housings (5 slums would not offer considerable influence).

You can bring a district under your control by going there with one or more player characters and some men, then play it out and deal with all adversities yourself. Ser Varys' actions thread is a very good example of how this could work, though you may consider future missions of this kind to be a bit shorter. This one has gone on so long because basically I am new to this, too, and we had to examine how this would work.

The other possibility of getting hold of a district is sending NPC troops there with specific orders I will then calculate the outcome and give you the results one week later. Please issue the appropriate orders together with your your general orders for all your other holdings on sundays.

Construction and Cost:

While you issue construction orders for other provinces each sunday, this is different in Singal. Due to the different dimensions, the improvement e.g. "tavern" (see improvements sheet) of the usual meta game would correspond to three or four taverns in Singal under your control. These Singal-taverns can be constructed for a fifth of the meta game price, bought from their current owner if there are taverns for sale in a district controlled by you, or taken over by means of other roleplay actions, depending on what ideas you come up with. The same goes for all other buildings, except the chapterhouse: You will have to pay less here, too, but will first have to get a building permission from the city council, as this a major construction project. This will always be dealt with RP wise.

General Remark:

Summa summarum you will pay less and work more than in the standard meta game. Also there are numerous hostile factions in Singal which you will have to fight or win over and then there is still the main plot to unfold which will go along with the rest of the game and promises to be quite interesting. So Singal's meta game will be needing more troops than other cities and likely produce higher casualties, but the reward will be great: All of Singal!

Feel free to post all questions concerning the Singal meta game here.

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Singal Meta Game
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