An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 Royal Court/ Streets and Fields Function

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PostSubject: Royal Court/ Streets and Fields Function   Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:40 am

We are in the process of rolling out some changes to the way the Meta-Game works in order to make it more accessible, interesting and hopefully get it linked up more with the general RP. At the moment each Order posts their weekly actions on a private board, these actions are now to be posted here. Reports and outcomes will remain private however.

An up-to-date map of Pendor will be kept here, along with the current commodity prices. This will now include a weekly general report also, so everyone can clearly see how each Order is faring and to help strategic decision making.

Please keep all discussion OUT of the stickied threads, as I want to keep them clean and concise. OOC and IC discussion is welcome in other threads however, whatever you guys need.
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PostSubject: Re: Royal Court/ Streets and Fields Function   Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:41 am

As of late there has been a wave of more or less unorganised roleplay posts and announcements as well as a huge amount of short lived PMs flying around regarding IC actions and especially interactions with the nobility.
Because of that the current situation has become rather unclear and difficult to get an overview of. In order to keep everything organised in such a way that everyone can find the information he needs to base his character's actions on, several measures have to be taken.

First of all, all roleplay posts relevant to what has happened so far have been moved to the "Streets and Fields" board and this is where all future public roleplay of some relevance should take place. Once an action is posted it will be included in the general summary post in "The Chronicler's Office", which has been created to give you the big picture and help you sorting the multitude of announcements and roleplay posts relative to each other. Recent developments will always be added to the post in the Chronicler's Office.
The "State of the Nation" in contrast to that will always contain also less important events, current developments and rumours.
Secondly, all orders are asked to create one thread in their chapterhouse where they will post all messages sent to nobles and their replies, so all members of the order can see what is happening and the information is not lost when the PM is automatically deleted by the forum's underlying database.

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Royal Court/ Streets and Fields Function
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