An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide

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PostSubject: Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide   Sun Sep 04, 2011 9:28 pm

Hey guys,

Like the title says I am working on the ranks and organization of my order at the moment. I put this to open discussion because firstly I am curious about what you think, and secondly for the order of the Dawn. Since the Eventide was once part of the Dawn, I find it only logical to assume that there might be similarities between the Orders when it comes to organization. So this is me reaching out to you guys on this matter Wink.

As the Eventide are knights devoted to a Goddess, I chose the Templars as a role model. I am not really an expert in this matter. What you see is simply the result of me searching the web for a few hours to gather some info.

Army Organization:

Banner: 20 Riders (9 Knight Brothers, 10 Squires, led by Knight Lieutenant)

Group of Banners: between 2-9 Banner/40-180 Riders (19-89 Knight Brothers, 20-90 Squires, led by a Knight Captain

Squadron = 10 Banners/202 Riders (90 Knight Brothers, 101 Squires, 10 Knight Lieutenants, led by a Knight Commander

Additional Ranks:

Knight Inquisitor: Knights deemed worthy to judge and to speak in the name of Astraea. Only they are allowed to hold trials.

High Inquisitor: Captain of the Inquisitors

Justicar: Chief librarian, philosopher and keeper of lore. Responsible for keeping the orders soul pure and for educating the future inquisitors of the order to brace them against corruption.

Acolyte: Squires in Training, Helper/Assistants of the Justicar, candidates for future inquisitors, receive all the training that the other squires do, but also additional training and education. Hand-picked by the Knights in the rank of Inquisitor.

Treasurer: Responsible for the money

Marshal: Responsible for the horses and equipment

Drapier: Responsible for clothing

Sergeant Brothers: common Soldiers of the Order. I guess the Eventide never had many of these and I would not want to fill their ranks with new recruits from Singal. For them I have something different in mind.

Since I have already used slaves in the first event, I actually would like to extend their use. I stumbled over the Mamluks/Ghilman as military slave units. While Ghilman is actually the plural form of the word, I would adapt it to be the singular form, turning the plural into Ghilmen. I like this name because it has some historic background and it reminds me of Final Fantasy.

The heavy cavalry of the Eventide needs fast support units if they want to efficiently battle for example D'shar outlaws, as well as some infantry units to rely on. The Templars apparently did something similar and recruited local Turkish warriors as mounted archers, called turcopoles. Since I hear the D'shar riders are basically crab in Pendor, I would maybe try to get a few Jatu to train these people.

Since I imagine Sir Bernard (The knight Astraea tasked with cleansing the world of injustice) to be regarded as some kind of saint by the faithful, I would officially call these new units Ghilmen of Saint Bernard, or maybe Bernadian Ghilmen Wink.

Feel free to comment.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide   Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:21 pm

I like the concept, you do not as yet have any Ghilmen, but you can begin recruiting them by all means.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide   Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:35 am

sounds good to me.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide   

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Discussion: Organization of the Order of the Eventide
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