An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 Lore: Ingame Knight Conversations

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PostSubject: Lore: Ingame Knight Conversations   Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:42 am

I thought maybe it would be good to have these available in one spot.

Radiant Cross:

Player: I thought the Radiant Cross were doctors; why have you militarized?

Knight: When Marius Imperator reinstated our Order he tasked us with finding a cure to the Snake Cult Plague and defending his physicians from them. We have a cadre of soldiers recruited from both the peasantry and the nobility. We have continued our tradition of recruiting from both high and low born citizens, with the unusual result that within our Order peasants and nobility hold entirely equal status and a common goal: the defense of our physicians and battling the Snake Cult.

Player: Wait, the 'Snake Cult' plague? I thought it was the Red Plague?

Knight: Yes, there is new evidence suggesting the Red Plague was in fact spread by the Snake Cult as a precursor to their invasion of Pendor. Marius believes that his New Empire here has become a threat to the ideals of the Old Empire and that they intend to undo all his work by spreading another plague. Rumor holds that the Snake Cult dominates the Old Empire now and wants to spread its influence here.

Player: The New Empire? I thought it was just called the Empire.

Knight: It is, but everything evolves, as has the Empire here in Pendor. Marius Imperator is a great man with a progressive vision and he has graciously allowed us to assist him in its realisation. If you want an excellent example of his improvements, look at the new Immortal legions.

Raven Spear:

Player: I thought that the Order of the Raven Spear was composed of scholars?

Knight: We are, but due to incursions from the Mystmountain armies on our university-strongholds we were forced to take up arms to defend wisdom and civilisation.

Player: A pack of ancient scholars don platemail and equip swords to stand against barbarians?

Knight: No, not at all. The students and scholars continue our most important work, that of academia. They have always employed groups of adventurers like us to aid their research and discover lost lore. We also fight for them as required.

Player: So you are therefore an Order of mercenaries?

Knight: I suppose so, technically, since we primarily fight for pay. We prefer to consider ourselves the paid guardians and defenders of knowlege and the protectors of the scholars who pursue lost knowledge.

Ebony Gauntlet:

Player: Who exactly are the Knights of the Ebony Gauntlet?

Knight: We exist to serve the greater good of the whole of humanity, though I suppose that sounds a bit pompous. We consider ourselves above petty matters and politics, the squabbles of kings and queens.

Player: I see. What of the Noldor then?

Knight: Filthy tree rats hiding in the shadows. They're like a curse. That Red Plague which damn near ended life in Pendor came from them, I'd wager. They ever lurk in ambush.

Player: Yet some scholars embrace the elder knowledge of the Noldor and claim to have reached enlightenment from it.

Knight: Bollocks. The only true enlightenment for a Noldor is the light let into his skull from my morningstar.


Player: I understand that your Order split from the Order of Dawn. What caused the rift?

Knight: The Order of Dawn is riddled with fanatics whose twisted beliefs and violence against the populace are despicable. We split from them because they are rotten to the core.

Player: So what caused Barclay to ban them? What did they do?

Knight: Their paranoia and fanaticism led them to murder for what they deemed blasphemy, and was frequently merely accidental on the part of their victims. They once burned a whole village, lock, stock, and peasants. They burned one of our most revered Brothers at the stake! Their reason? They thought his scholarly research was heretical. Another time, they put a merchant to the stake because he spat in the street when some of them rode by.

Player: I gather then, that your Order's previous affiliation with them is non-existant?

Knight: I spit upon their so-called justice and honor! It is nothing more than an excuse for mayhem and senseless slaughter. Astraea granted them no right to sit in judgement upon others. They hunt those they call Heretics but it is they who named us thusly. My Order prefers to look at both sides of the coin, and we do not pass judgement upon ignorant peasants. We prevent the Order of Dawn from persecuting the people!

Shadow Legion:

Player: Why do you use cavalry for some Empire troops, but not for the higher ranks?

Knight: Our Ironbred stallions date to the old days of the Empire. They are strong, very fast and aid us in swiftly crushing our enemies. We value them highly, but they are difficult to breed and train, so our supply of them is limited.

Player: Please excuse my question, but why is your Order at odds with the Radiant Cross?

Knight: After all, every human is guilty of something! When in doubt, we simply burn them all. Our wise goddess will sort them out.

Player: I understand that your Order is somewhat at odds with Marius Imperator?

Knight: Marius seeks to turn us from the old Empire path we follow to the Pendorian ones. Those cretins of the Radiant Cross endorse the new ways but we follow tradition. What brought glory to our ancestors will surely bring glory to us! We would prefer to convert Marius to the old ways, to persuade him that the traditions of the Old Empire should endure


Player: People say that your order is dedicated to the elimination of evil...?

Knight: Our sworn mission is to root out evil; our swords and lances are the instruments of Astraea. When we strike down a sinner, we are doing the sanctified work of the Goddess.

Player: How do you determine who is guilty and who is innocent?

Knight: After all, every human is guilty of something! When in doubt, we simply burn them all. Our wise goddess will sort them out.

Player: I heard that once your Order burned a entire village and all its peasantry?

Knight: That corrupt offshoot Order of Eventide, my friend, spreads its heresy everywhere! They were founded upon hate, and death and hatred is what they preach. Rest assured, we will eliminate them down to the last man. They will burn in payment for their sins! Question me thusly again, and you may find yourself afire!


Player: Word has it that your order admires the Noldor; can you tell me more?

Knight: Yes, our order holds them in great admiration. There is enough space in Pendor for us all to live in peace with one another. We can learn much from them, but also they are a force to be reckoned with, I can tell you!

Player: They say that few bowmen can shoot a arrow as far as a Silvermist - what's your secret?

Knight: We learned from the Noldor. They hold that the bow is an extension of the body. They become one with the bow physically and with the arrow mentally. We meditate before battle to achieve this melding of weapon and soul.

Player: I heard your Order bears a grudge against the Order of the Ebony Gauntlet.

Knight: Look, the last thing Pendor needs is an Order like Ebony Gauntlet. Don't you think there are enough people seeking to feud with the Noldor? When they are done hunting the Noldor, who will they choose next to hunt? Madness of this sort must end!

Clarion Call:

Player: Why does your order choose to use horse archers?

Knight: We are a highly mobile force which patrols and secures our borders. We need to move fast to locate and harass our enemies. We follow the D'Shar style, which is the best for most situations, but that does not mean we forego the traditional ways of knightly battle. We still bear spear and sword with pride and skill.

Player: Why is your order called the Knights of the Clarion Call?

Knight: The Clarion Call name stems from our answering the call to protect the frontier, to advance against our enemies, and to demonstrate that those who bear arms against us forfeit their lives.

Player: I have heard people say that your horses are different from other Pendor breeds...?

Knight: We prefer faster horses than those heavy warhorses of other Orders, so we breed ours from D'Shar and Jatu stock and trade with their horse dealers for breeding stock.


Player: They say that your order was banned by King Gregory.

Knight: True, my friend, but we have a past in which we take pride. Our original company which founded the order was formed by Validus Charta. It was not disbanded until King Gregory betrayed us and his sister.

Player: Your Order is the only one which permits women to join - tell me about that?

Knight: In the past, one of the five original founding members was Valera, a woman of great skill and bravery. In honor of her memory, we open our ranks to women of skill and strength.

Player: Not to offend you with my question, but why was your Order disbanded?

Knight: When King Gregory usurped the throne of his elder sister, Madame Ursula, he claimed that ours was an invalid charter, with no authority to induct his sister, or any knights, into our ranks. He knew that we would support her claim to the throne, and proclaimed Fire and Sword against us to eliminate her threat to his stolen throne. So many of us were killed. Those few of us who survived had to remain underground out of fear for our lives. Our numbers were too few to fight back
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Lore: Ingame Knight Conversations
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