An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   Sat Jun 15, 2013 3:57 am

Hello, and welcome to the Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath! This roleplay was originally created by Iskar, who has since departed from the forums.

The roleplay proceeded smoothly at first, but inactivity started to kick in and with Iskar's departure the players involved were left without a Game Master, despite his efforts to create a dynamic hosting system. The roleplay soon faded into obscurity.

Ser Varys offered to help with the roleplay, he has access to random events that will happen throughout. I, Sir Nickolas, mainly work as a volunteer to keep the timeline in check and try to keep the roleplay progressing somewhat smoothly.

If you wish to join, feel free to do so! We currently don't have an application area set up as of present, so please post any inquiries and questions in our General OCC thread. An important note however is that the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay does not have a solid ruleset and may play differently than the other Prophesy of Pendor roleplays. Otherwise, feel free to tag along and have fun!

If you are a returning member for the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay, don't worry, your character has not perished! All player characters that were inactive are considered to be in a coma-like state, if you wish to rejoin simply awaken from your slumber and participate as normal.

* * *

Important Links:

Roleplay Materials [OLD]
Struggle for Kelredan Timeline
Random Events - Surroundings of Sarleon

Original Post:

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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Re: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   Mon Jun 17, 2013 6:42 am

Original Setting:

It is the second year after the unification of Pendor under the rule of the prophesied king, Mordred I Adalhard.

Mobray County, the immediate surroundings of the capital city Sarleon, is facing troubles. The last baronet of Kelredan has died without wife or heir. A baronet being only a rather minor noble this would usually not cause much ado, but this case is different: Usually only higher nobles are allowed to build and hold proper castles while minor nobles such as baronets and knights have only walled estates or towerhouses, but the baronets of Kelredan, by some old laws, traditionally hold the castle of the same name near Sarleon. The other baronets of Mobray County, the rulers of Rebache, Belmonfaire and Yaragar have now all cast an eye on the prestigious and powerful title of Kelredan. They have all dug up some more or less valid claim to the vacant baronetcy and will try to gain control of it.
The lands of the capital city are considered neutral ground and Duke Darlion of Sarleon has made it clear that while he takes no interest in the petty struggles of minor nobles he will not tolerate fighting on lands under his direct protection. The Baron of Mobray, the direct feudal overlord of the baronets, has also declared neutrality in the struggle for the inheritance, but also that he will accept the judgement of the gods as to who would be best suited to hold Kelredan - in other words: let the best baronet win. In light of this he would not mind small skirmishes spilling into his lands as long as they serve to determine the new baronet of Kelredan and his subjects are not hurt.
So now the baronets, their knightly vassals, their household knights and a number of illustrious figures prepare for the struggle for Kelredan.

Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath

"... and the Struggle of Kelredan soon transformed into something else entirely. For the first few days, the baronets plotted and planned their moves to become the rightful ruler of Kelredan Castle. However, try as they may, an omen loomed over the area in the form of ominous clouds from the north. While the peasants cowered in fear and travelers dared not journey to their next destination, the many of the major figures involved ignored such warning signs. It would prove to be their downfall.

Soon enough, peasant and noble alike began falling into a kind of sickness that eventually ended in a coma-like state. Almost everyone knew someone who was afflicted in this state, and families mourned for their loved ones to come back. Alas, it could not be so.

Some Baronetcies lost its faithful knights to the plague, others lost their baronet who was to lead them during these trying times. Mercenary and Adventuring companies made themselves scarce, leaving only the dedicated few in Mobray Country.

At the dawn of Day 8 of the Kelredan events, the situation has somewhat settled itself at the people adapted to the changing times. The people rallied to the church of Eunomia Stabilitis, praying for health and for the dark times to pass. In the east, Sir Nickolas has taken over the duties of Yaragar as Thedric Baras fell to the sickness. Belmonfaire stayed strong during these trying times, a trait no doubt earned from their renowned resolve, and the Adventurer Sir Forn Merclan was spoke of in taverns, but never found.

Now, at the light of a new dawn, how will the people of Mobray Country fare against these hardships, even with the ever growing threat from an army from the south..."

Area in Question:
Map Explanation:
Orange: Baronetcy of Kelredan. Its baronet died recently, causing a power vacuum as claimants struggle to take Kelredan for his / her own.
Green: Baronetcy of Belmonfaire.
Red: Baronetcy of Yaragar.
Blue: Baronetcy of Rebache. [Currently Inactive]
Turquoise: Direct holdings of the barony of Mobray.
Black: Direct holdings of the capital city.

Active Character Roles (Baseline):

Baronet of Yaragar: 
A well balanced baronetcy east of Sarleon. The lands are reasonably well settled and the river provides some wealth. (Currently under control by Sir Nickolas Ballard, a Free Knight)
Home: A tower house with palisade and ditch
Levy: 30 militia, 15 regulars, 5 knights
Budget: 2500 gold treasury

Baronet of Belmonfaire: 
A baronetcy that traditionally joined the defense against the Fierdsvain in the west. The increased military service comes with lowered taxes in turn.
Home: A tower house with palisade and ditch
Levy: 40 militia, 20 regulars, 6 knights
Budget: 2000 gold treasury

Landed Knight: 
Home: A knightly estate
Levy: 10 militia, 5 regulars, 2 knights
Budget: 800 gold treasury

Free Knight:
Troops: A mounted squire to attend him
Budget: 150 gold

Aventurer (renegade noble/ third son without inheritance): 
He, too, hopes to gain some money from the fighting - or more.
Troops: 4 fellow adventurers (weaker armour than knights, but with bows or light crossbows for versatility on horseback)
Budget: 600 gold
Estimate for hiring costs (subject to roleplay negotiations): 2500 gold

Archdeacon (a second son of a minor noble): 
The archbishop of Sarleon has commanded him to use the instability of the current situation to gain long desired tax exemptions for the church of Eunomia Stabilitis in the area. (Note: The Archdeacon has declared ownership of Kelredan Castle, and has joined the conflict!)
Troops: A personal guard of 5 halberdiers and 5 armoured longbowmen
Budget: 500 gold allowance from the bishop of Sarleon to help the cause of the church

Archived Character Roles:
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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Re: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:15 am

Active Player Characters:

Baronet of Belmonfaire (Hjolnai): Sir Laurence Stackford
Character Description:

Archdeacon (Vadir): Ferrand Astigi (The Archdeacon has joined the conflict!)
Character Description:

Free Knight (Sir Nickolas): Sir Nickolas Ballard, "Pureheart" (Note: Has taken control over Yaragar)
Character Description:

Adventurer (DrSane): Sir Forn "Scowling Jack" Merclan, the salt slaver
Character Description:

Landed Knight, vassal to Yaragar (Psychozoa): Sir Derreck Weiherr
Character Description:

Landed Knight, vassal to Kelredan (Ser Varys): Sir Heinrich von Kepler (Note: Working with Belmonfaire)
Character Description:

Inactive Player Characters:
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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Re: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:41 am

Money And Usage

Gold is the main form of currency within the Struggle for Kelredan roleplay. The ruleset is mainly based on logic and common sense, so players will normally have to work together to find what is fair for values and actions that are not listed. Remember, each action has a consequence!

The player can use gold for...

- Purchasing Equipment (List Below)
- Hosting a Feast (Cost per Character // 20g Free Knight // 100g Landed Knight, Archdeacon, Sheriff, Adventurer // 150g Baronet // 200 Baron)
- Tournament (800 Gold, pays for preparations and food)
- Hiring Mercenaries / Adventurers (2000g was the original baseline, real cost subject to negotiations)
- Whatever the imagination brings. Consult with other players and your GM.

The player can gain gold by...

- Road Tolls (Will Cause Unhappy Merchants)
- Battle Loot
- Gifts
- Shady Deals
- Almost whatever within reason! Consult with other players or your GM.


Militia Base - Light Leather // Simple Tabard // Spears // Kite or Board Shields // Short Bows // Arrows/ Swords
Regular Base -Chainmail // Simple Tabard // Spears // Kite or Board Shields // Short Bows // Arrows/ Swords

Note: Remember that Regulars are more experienced and can use better equipment!

Item List:

10g Sturdier Tabards
50g Quality Leather Armor (Militia Only!)
500g Chainmail

20g Hardened Spears
40g Polehammer (Foot Troops Only!)
70g Halberd (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Nomad Bows
40g Longbows (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Barbed Arrows
40g Bodkin Arrows

20g Light Crossbow
50g Crossbow (Foot Troops Only!)
70g Heavy Crossbow (Unmounted Regulars Only!)

20g Javelins
40g Throwing Spears (Regulars Only!)

80g Saddle Horse
150g Hunter (Regulars Only!)

10g Pavise Upgrade for Board Shields (Adds spikes for pavise-like use)
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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Re: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:02 am

Struggle for Kelredan Meta Information:

Yaragar (Controlled by Sir Nickolas)
Gold: 810 (800 promised)
Troops: 30 Militia, 15 Regulars, 5 Knights

Belmonfaire: (Sir Laurence Stackford)
Gold: 200
Troops: 40 Militia, 20 Regulars, 6 Knights
Sir Laurence's Location: Belmonfaire
Sir Laurence's Troops: N / A

Archdeacon Ferrand Astigi
Gold: 500
Troops: 5 Halberdiers, 5 Armored Longbowmen
Location: Church in Mobray

Sir Nickolas Ballard:
Gold: 0
Troops: 1 Squire (Robert)
Location: In Yaragar

Sir Heinrich von Kepler
Gold: 800
Troops: 10 Militia, 5 Regulars, 2 Knights
Location: In Belmonfaire?

Sir Derrick Weiherr:
Gold: 350
Troops: 10 Militia, 5 Regulars, 2 Knights
Location: Stationed in Kelredan

Sir Forn Merclan
Gold: 600
Troops: 4 Adventurers
Location: Unknown

Inactive Accounts:

All other accounts remain at baseline. (i.e. unchanged)

Equipment Purchased / Acquired:

5 longbows
5 bodkin arrows
5 hardened spears
5 sturdy tabards

10 heavy crossbows
10 hardened spears (bonus used)
10 pavise spikes
10 good quality swords
10 sturdiers tabards (bonus used)

Inactive Characters:
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PostSubject: Re: IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath   

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IC Materials: Struggle for Kelredan: Aftermath
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