An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 IC-Scene: Yaragar (Day 8 and Onward)

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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: IC-Scene: Yaragar (Day 8 and Onward)   Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:49 am

Day 8: Dawn

Sir Nickolas stood in Thedric Baras' study, both hands on the table as he took in the news from one of Thedric's squires.

"... So the Iobairt estate has been burned down completely, and there were no survivors? Did Sir Hounds perished within the flames as well? I heard he was residing there for a time."

The squire nodded in affirmation.

"I see. We can expect no aid from Thedric's contacts, they are off fending for themselves in this crisis. Rebache has been oddly silent, and Belmonfaire still desires Kelredan for its own. Now we also have this Archdeacon on our hands..."

Nickolas paused for a moment, then grabbed a piece of parchment and starting writing. After he was done, he gave it to the squire.

"Make a copy of this and send them to Sir Laurence and Ferrand. I hope they will agree to the terms."

With that, the squire took the paper and left, leaving Nickolas in the study alone. He slammed one of his fists into the table before exclaiming, "Damn it! I'm in no shape to be running a baronetcy! I'm a warrior, not a leader... Thedric, get back here. You have Yaragar to run."

Nickolas' Letter:
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Sir Nickolas

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PostSubject: Re: IC-Scene: Yaragar (Day 8 and Onward)   Sun Jun 16, 2013 11:14 am

Day 8: Dusk

Sir Nickolas remained in Baras' study, quickly glancing over documents that covered the general status of the baronetcy. An empty tray was present at the table, Nickolas must have not even moved from his position all day.

At that moment, a squire came into the study bringing letters. He simply left these letters on the table and with a respectful bow, departed the study.

The weary knight eyed the letters. He took a sip of precious water before going to open them.

The first was a letter from Kelredan, written by none other Sir Derrick. Nickolas was not aware that he managed to survive the outbreak, and that he was still stationed at Kelredan that he was attempting to gain favor with the populace and keep it safe from attacks.

The second was from Sir Laurence from Belmonfaire. It stated of the threat from the south and he had no desire to abandon his people to attend the meeting. In addition, he would not march until appropriate honors have been completed for his father, Horace Stackfort.

There was no reply from the Archdeacon. Nickolas began to fear that Ferrand would not be willing to listen to reason. The rumors of missionaries and paladins arriving from the west who support the Archdeacon did not help in this matter.

* * *

The foreigner sat deep in thought. Sir Laurence had a good point regarding the Singalians. How could the claimants for Kelredan band together for a meeting when slavers threatened these lands? By the sound of events, the armed force will be coming from the west, near Kelredan and Belmonfaire instead of going through Yaragar territory.

The knight requested for a squire and sent a message to both Sir Laurence and Sir Derrick. Nickolas would be marching to Kelredan with a 5 knights and 15 regulars. His mission was to rally his forces there in preparation to fight the Singalian forces.

Nickolas then called for Robert, his own squire. He reported as requested.

"Robert, you will stay will and watch over Yaragar while I'm gone. Keep the 30 militia trained and be prepared for anything."

"But sir -"

"It is entirely possible the Kelredan conflict may end soon. After we handle the Singalian threat, Belmonfaire, the Archdeadon, and Yaragar will likely gather our forces for a decisive battle. A quick end would the be best recourse for the people of Mobray Country considering the effect that the plague had on the region.

I will be heading out, leading our forces to battle against the Singalians. Whether we have the meeting or not is of little concern, I fear the end result will still lead to war. I may or may not return. Either way, keep Yaragar in good hands."

Without saying anything further, Nickolas went to retire for the night. The next morn, the knight will head for Kelredan. What happens after that is for the fates to decide...
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IC-Scene: Yaragar (Day 8 and Onward)
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