An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 IC-Materials: Singal

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Peasant turned Lord

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PostSubject: IC-Materials: Singal   Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:11 am

Map of Singal

Black : Neutral
Purple : Eventide
Green : Slavers
Yellow : Merchants
Red : Red Brotherhood
Cyan : Town Guard
Blue : Singalian Army

Districts description:

City Council Composition:

Influential Figures:

Lord Constable of the Order of the Silvermist and Admin despite Himself
Character Overview:
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Sir Haegon

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PostSubject: temp topic   Mon Feb 02, 2015 3:42 am

Long overdue

Sir Alerio of Barclay


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Sir Tebbe

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PostSubject: Re: IC-Materials: Singal   Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:53 pm

I'm stealing your template
Sir Tebbe


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Sir Celdiur Moriendor

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PostSubject: Re: IC-Materials: Singal   Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:47 am

An easy to find version of Celdiur's story, now that he will be returning to the fore! Smile

“And lo, the beast looked upon the face of beauty. And beauty stayed his hand" - Arabic Proverb

Order of Choice: Order of Eventide

Name: Knight-Chaplain Celdiur Moriendor, "The Black Paladin of Singal"


The Father


The Commoner


The Tragedy


The Hunter


The Beast


The Priest


The Paladin



Skilled Swordsman- From practice in childhood, years spent fighting in the wilds and training as a knight, Celdiur has developed a strong understanding of the art of swordfighting.
Fair Archer- Celdiur has always shown some apptitude with the bow, a skill enhanced further from his years of hunting outlaws.
Fearless- There is no more that this world can throw at Celdiur that could cause his morale to break. Years of attrocities have left him unafraid of death, and his faith provides him with a fanatical will to overcome any opponent.
Skilled Surgeon- Years of learning the ways of medicine and the human anotomy has left Celdiur with great skill in the ways of surgery and alchemy.
My Faith is my Shield- So devoted to his faith is Celdiur that it acts as a second armour to him, allowing him to to face down hellspawn and other netherworldly beasts without fear of death or defeat.
Wrath of the Goddess- In the heat of battle Celdiur is said to become an unstoppable juggernaut of holy wrath, striking down all foes around him in the name of Astraea.
Family Connections- Both Celdiur's brother and sister live in Sarleon, and thus he recieves regular news about happenings in the capital.


Shadow of the Past- As much as he has tried to escape it, Celdiur is still haunted by the shadow of his dark past. His anger at times will flare uncontrollably from seemingly nowhere.
Distrusts the Dawn-Personal experience in the past has left Celdiur bitter and disdainful of the Order of the Dawn, often clouding his judgement when dealing with them.
Fear of Loss- Celdiur has lost so much during his life that the thought of losing his siblings is unbearable to him. He will react recklessly if they are threatened are harmed in any way.
Away on Church Business- Celdiur is officially still a cleric of the Church of Astraea, and is often gone on clerical business whilst not carrying out the Order's bidding. (This works out well for me in real life, as I have a pretty hectic work schedule and thus I may be absent from the RP for prolonged periods of time)


Ebony Bastard Sword (his father's blade)
Iron Mace (used to bring suspected criminals and heretics in for trial)
Long Knight Lance (only uses it in large scale battles)
Ornate Knight Kite Shield
Black Hounskull Helm with Feathers (Celdiur refuses to wear the demonic helm that most Eventide knights don)
Eventide Plate Harness
Black Steel Boots
Black Steel Gauntlets
Accalon, Black Leather Draped War Horse
Clerical Robes

White Tabard with gold embroidered holy symbol of Astraea (have to use imagination on this one)
Holy Symbol on Chain (again have to use imagination on this one)


Well meaning
Generally kind
Likes a drink
Dislikes persecution
Distrustful of the Order of Dawn
Often angry for no apparent reason.
Respects the Shadow Legion
Respects the Silvermist Rangers

Role in the Veccavian Invasion

Celdiur rode to battle along with his fellow knights. He fought valiantly against huge odds along side his own brothers and their Silvermist and Shadow Legion allies, whom he developed a great respect for during the fray. Once the battle was over Celdiur humbly requested to his superior that he be allowed to stay behind to help bury the dead and consecrate the field of battle in their honour. He spent a fair length of time upon the field praying for the souls of the dead, and has only recently returned to Singal.
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PostSubject: Re: IC-Materials: Singal   

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IC-Materials: Singal
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