An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 The City of Singal

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Dragon of the North

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PostSubject: The City of Singal   Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:46 am

The Map of Singal

Territories of Singal

Prosperity Ratings (Best to worst)




Total Population

Singal City Council


Prominent Citizens

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Ser Varys

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PostSubject: Re: The City of Singal   Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:57 am

From Azlanek:

According to Mordred around 25% of our members are secretly heretics. So 50 of our 200 knights and 75 of our 300 squires. I have not sent corrupted members north, so we still have all of them at our disposal.

After the casualties from the main event, we have 175 (180 with the 5 survivors) knights and 275 squires left. The king ordered us to go hunting with 100 knights (thanks again, Mordred Wink), though following how I supposed our troops are organized I would suggest sending 5 banners, meaning 49 knight brothers, 50 squires, lead by one knight captain.

One banner (10 knights and 10 squires) should be a heretical banner, giving us the chance to further our secret means in the north. I would suggest asking the king to allow us to build a small camp with wooden walls near Duty's rest, as hunting down the remaining Veccavi might take some time and 100 men need shelter. Maybe we can influence the construction of the monastery from there, including one or two secret entrances or a secret gathering room. If one of you would rather go north than participate in Singal, just say so.

That leaves us with 85 pure knights and 160 squires, 40 corrupted knights and 65 squires in the Area around Singal. We know have to decide what to do with those troops.

As we discussed things, these are the points with which I would like to start:

1. Use our network of heretics to gain intel on the city, its factions and the city council. Try to use our few followers among the nobility, merchants and slavers to put spies into our targets households.

(more or less passive activity, using the heretics of the city)

2. Ask the City council to allow the Eventide to regulate/take care of the slums around the chapter house. As the area is poor and neutral, they might agree to it. This will bind a considerable amount of our knights, until we have trained enough Ghilmen to take over these responsibilities, but it should be a clear sign to the King that the Eventide is trying to help the city's population. Also, when we command the forces watching over an area, we can still arrange for them to rarely visit certain locations, or simply be needed elsewhere when the heretics move. Remember, few of the Eventide know we are in league with the heretics, and few heretics are aware that their coven is secretly led by members of the Eventide. So this would be the ''official'' policy of the Eventide. If the council agrees we would start with a small area, policing bigger parts of the quarter as we grow in power.

Since we have to send 100 men north, I would suggest to put this on hold until we have trained Ghilmen. For now we would just enter negotiations with the City Council on this matter.

(0 knights for the moment)

3.Send a few of our corrupted knights (lead by Varys under an alias) into one of the other neutral areas of the city and start establishing our power base. I think it would be better to try to take over the neutral areas first, before we clash with the other factions, so that we can rely on enough resources and manpower. However, even then I would prefer it to settle matters silently and discretely. The less attention Singal draws to itself, the better. The knights we send will be disguised and not be recognizable as members of the Eventide. This anonymity has to be maintained at costs. Since very few people the knight's faces under their heavy helmets, few people will recognize them should one of our agents be caught. Still, we have to be very careful. I would suggest area 13 as our first target.

(Varys, 10 CK, 10 CS)

4. Invest a portion of our remaining wealth in ''relatively'' stable trades to slowly make some money. Protect our interest against bandits and ''rogue'' heretics (who not yet follow us). Establish one secure trade route to Sarleon and try to make money by offering merchants to travel with these specially protected caravans. This should both bring us wealth as well as appease the King.

(2 Banners, 20 Pk, 20 Ps, additional 20 Ps) [total: 60 men]

5. Start looking for an additional, relatively big building available near the chapter house to serve as barracks for the future Ghilmen. Also trying to find other needed personal; cooks, stable boys etc.

(20 pure squires)

6. Start looking for Emir Xerxes.

(Sir Malificar, 1 Banner (5 Pk, 5 Ps, 5 CK, 5 CS), additional 15 PS) [Total: Malificar and 35 men]

The slaughtered Veccavi army should have flooded the markets with cheap weapons. With the law of halves in place, weapons and equipment should be cheaper as it is, since the lords have less men to equip. Since the Eventide marched home with the army, they should know exactly what happened to the weapons and to whom they were sold. This should suffice to arm the first Ghilmen (and maybe additional heretics in case of an emergency) without consuming too much of our money.

(Both the troops travelling north as well as the caravan guards once they wait in the cities for the merchants to finish their business.)

7. Send heretic emissaries to other heretic covens and brigand bands to gain intelligence on their positions, strength and opinion about Azlanek's coven.

(Something the heretics should be able to do alone.)

8. Send out pure Knights of the Eventide to fight the criminal forces around Singal. Arrange that especially those bands who oppose the cabal of the twisted heart are found by the knights.

(30 Pk, 40 Ps, lead by 5 Ck and 10 Cs) [Totally 85]

9. Remaining in the Chapterhouse until further notice

(10Pk, 40 Ps, 10 Ck, 40 Cs, additional 10 Ck as personal guard of the Grandmaster) [Total: 110]
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Peasant turned Lord

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PostSubject: Re: The City of Singal   Fri Jul 06, 2012 6:36 am

Map updated. You now control the east of Singal and I will switch your status to burgher for the next report. From now on, you can treat Singal in the metagame just as any other city until you have reached minor nobility, then we will continue with the Singal story line.

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PostSubject: Re: The City of Singal   

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The City of Singal
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