An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 The Progress of how the RP Events will flow:

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The Progress of how the RP Events will flow: Empty
PostSubject: The Progress of how the RP Events will flow:   The Progress of how the RP Events will flow: EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 10:47 am

Hey Guys,

I posted this over on the OOC TW Boards Thread, but it's good to have here.. After discussing things with Mordred and Mitchy briefly through PM, this is how the flow of events will proceed..

1) Major Event announced on the Taleworlds boards.. The RP there will solely be Throne Room based, meaning official visit stuff, like exactly how it happened the last 2 days over there.

2) Once the course of action is decided on how to proceed from the major event, the specific parts of the Event (Battles, etc..) will be played out over here on the Centralized Forum boards we recently created, only the RPers will have access to, but in turn those RPers can only see specific parts of the forum related to the course of action that was decided for them.

E.G. The Shadow Legions cannot see the events that are unfolding for the Griffons in the "Siege of Ravenstern" thread, and vice versa.

3) After Action reports will come back to the TW Boards by the RPers from their respective missions, again consider that board (TW Boards) like the "Kings Court".. However, here's the interesting part, since these reports are taking place through the eyes of the RPers themselves, you can spin it to how you like there on those boards.

E.G. You sacked a town, killed many people, you can say you sacked the town, but leave out the part about massacring the village, etc..

4)But will you forever feel you've gotten away with it? Maybe, maybe not, on some occasions if the situation present itself by other Orders being smart in their RP (sending scouts, etc..), then those Orders will be informed of a version of events that could unveil the lies. That Order can then use the information as they like, even condemning the wrongdoer in the Throne Room... Thus, Their evil tendencies will then be open for all to see, and will forever be enshrined in the official records which I write from what occurs in the Throne Room (Throne Room btw is the Taleworlds Boards)

5)Speaking of Major Events.. Major Events is what is displayed now... After all is said and done with this event (there is no time limit on when it will finish, just when MM, Mordred, and the RPers feel that the event is wrapped up and comes to a close.) There will be at least a 2-3 week break (sometimes more) in-between each major event, this way everyone can relax, and plan things out accordingly for the next Major Event, or better yet, could induce themselves in a "mini-event" dealing with just that Order itself before the next major event happens.

6)Which brings me to #6, sometimes we will introduce mini-RP events for just a specific Order if there's enough material that warrants it.. these again will be played out in the centralized forums with reports coming in to the the Throne Room (TW Boards) by the RPers of that specific Order.. There will also be no chance of any kind of "official report" since it's solely played out within the confines of the Order itself.

And that pretty much it, so this sums up how the flow of events will go for all RP events for PoP.. The plan overall is to have this go on for Months, and if good (which at the moment it really is) will be considered as actual "lore" for PoP going into PoP 4. Hell, Mordred has already came up with a clever plan how we're going to introduce this into PoP 4 (however, I can't reveal what that is at the moment, sorry!!)

So overall the only thing I can recommend is keep on doing what you guys are doing, it's incredible stuff overall and it's a prefect "time-killer" of sorts till POP 4 comes out Smile


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The Progress of how the RP Events will flow:
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