An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 IC Material: The Council Chamber

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IC Material: The Council Chamber Empty
PostSubject: IC Material: The Council Chamber   IC Material: The Council Chamber EmptyWed Sep 05, 2012 9:53 am

OOC: This is to keep some general information about the setting and the discussion in one place for you to look up when you devise your suggestions and arguments. I will add our decisions to this thread once the discussion moves on.

The council chamber was a large rectangular room that was divided into a central section with the great table and the chairs and an outer section with some sidetables. The central section had a very high ceiling with windows in the upper part spreading additional light on the table. Along the upper windows ran an arcaded gallery around the room which was accessible from the next higher storey and had in earlier times been used for foreign emissaries and other dignitaries to visit meetings that were of interest to them but in which they had no vote. The servants sometimes called it the ambassador's gallery for that reason.

On the lower level the outer section was separated from the room in a similar arcaded manner but freely accessible from the central section. The sealed windows were on two opposite sides of the room. On the third side was the large wooden, two winged door and at the other side some sidetables and wooden chests for storing things or disposing of no longer or not yet needed documents.

For the current meeting a great map has been made:
The Great Map:

After the meeting was opened Caranthir allowed for the letter from the king with the main details to be handed around for everyone to read:
Letter from the King:

The Legion's proposal:
The Griffon proposal:
The Silvermist proposal:
Current Maches:

Ballot Results:

Nal Tar is to be recommended as Free City.

Dissolution of the provinces is to be recommended.

A combined system of overlapping ducal councils and a royal council is to be recommended as replacement of the provincial administration.

The council will recommend an extensive attempt to solve the Mystmountain problem peacefully with trade and offerings of land to settle.

In lack of opinions the recommendation will include the removal of the marcher status from Talon, Valorshield and Evasolde, and the granting of marcher status to Wyrmhold Mountains, Gulf of Rela, Shadoweagle Reach, Cez, Valonbray and Windholm.

The council has been dissolved.

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IC Material: The Council Chamber Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC Material: The Council Chamber   IC Material: The Council Chamber EmptyWed Nov 21, 2012 1:18 am

Although in the IC piece, the letter from Aelfwine was seen only by the Silvermists, the King makes its contents known to all the other Orders in the form of a summary as follows so that the Orders can begin their own work in what he hopes will calm the relations between Orders and Nobility;

Aelfwine received the minutes from Darlion's scribe, and while this contained little to directly attack the position of the nobility, but it was enough to raise red flags in Aelfwines mind, so he decided to begin a personal investigation into the dealings of the various Orders and try and uncover their true intentions.

1. Isabel attacks the provincial governors status, and offers them a hollow reward of "Peer of the Realm" which comes with no additional powers in exchange for the dissolution of the provinces (contained in the minutes, but not enacted. This is a major trigger for the investigations which revealed the following points).

2. Circumstantial evidence in the form of a witness account was uncovered regarding the Dawn voting for Javiksholm in order to strip Redword of his ducal claim.

3. Circumstantial evidence in the form of a witness account was uncovered regarding the Silvermists voting for Marleons in order to strip Aelfwine of his ducal claim (and what made him react as he did).

4. Circumstantial and general evidence that the Orders were acting against the Nobility with a mind to create and protect more intrinsic powers for themselves, and numerous allegations against the Feudal system as a whole and its efficiency as a tool of government.

Essentially, Aelfwine portrays the evidence from his witness accounts to attest to the hostile intention of the Orders towards the rightful leaders of Pendor, namely the Aristocracy, and their scheming to seize the reins of power away from the Nobility, a move which should not just been seen as an attack on the two Dukes mentioned, but on the whole feudal system.

IC Material: The Council Chamber MastifusBeardSig1

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IC Material: The Council Chamber
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