An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome

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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty
PostSubject: IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome   IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 6:09 am

((OOC : This will be a mixture of IC and OOC, where the King lays out the state of affairs IC, then I lay out the changes due in the Meta Game OOCly. All changes are considered to have occurred after your orders tomorrow, so will be dealt with next turn!))

Once the Order brethren were settled, the Royal Herald cried out for all to rise. As they did so, the King strode into the Throne Room, walking quickly to his seat, not willing to waste time on the pomp and ceremony of his position. Behind him a troop of scribes followed him, many carrying heavy scrolls or writing materials, and took their places behind the throne. As the King sat, the Herald gestured and the rest of the room took their place also.

"My lords and ladies" Mordred began after a moment to let the room settle, his voice quiet but with the usual dose of authority.

"I thank you for your counsel in this time of change in throughout the Kingdom, despite the expected delays and drama you actually managed to achieve much, and we are pleased with the advice you have provided. The first task was to determine the allocation of a new Free City, and we are pleased to confirm Nal Tar as recipient of this great honour. I spoke with Caliph Hamid this morning, and he was ecstatic when I announced the title to him, he sends you all his greatest thanks for considering his humble city as the benefactor of this deed."

* All Orders gain +1 Relations with Caliph Hamid, and the Silvermists as the chair gain +3.
* All Nobles now have a rating with the Orders on a scale of -10 : +10.
* Additonally the City of Nal Tar receives "Free City" status.))

"The next most pressing matter was the allocation of Provincial titles, and we were rather surprised to receive the suggestion to abolish them completely, it was an idea we had not considered at all, however we can see the merit of this. In the short term, we are sure the provincial governors will be upset with the Crown for doing this, however in the long term it will only enhance the unity of Pendor and this is precisely the goal that we set out to achieve."

((OOC :
* Backlash against the Dragons for the abolition of Ravenstern -0.1 Global Nobles.
* All Provincial Governors -2 with all Orders, -2 with the Crown))

The King looked about to speak once more, but with a slight frown turned to one of his scribes who passed over a scroll marked with the seal of the Silvermists. He glanced over its contents quickly, before nodding and passing it back. He then turned back to the brethren, and spoke.

"Alongside the proposed dissolution of the provinces, I also received a new suggestion for how to manage the realm which consisted of..." he looked back at the scribe again, but the man was careful to show no expression to the King "... a thinly veiled set of new provinces."

"The very argument presented for their abolition was the danger presented of forming new regional identities in the future, something we were clear to avoid. We have full faith that the Dukes will be able to maintain the Kings Law in their holdings, without the oversight of a governor, however in order to maintain this more properly we shall appoint royal magistrates whose job it is to collect the legal decisions of the Dukes and to compile them here in Sarleon into a Log of Legal Precedent. This document can then be used in future legal wrangling, and should remove the need for further guidance. However, we realise that we are not entirely infallible, and as such we shall appoint an official Privy Council of six nobles, plus myself, who will have the power to overturn such prescient. It should be stated that beyond their capacity as royal judicators, their role is purely advisory and the Crown retains the right of veto and decree. The composition of this Privy Council shall be announced at a later date."

"Next..."Here the King paused once more, and turned to quickly scan through another document, this time it was clear he was simply refreshing his memory as opposed to double checking the facts.

"Ah yes, the Mystmountains. I know that the Dragons have expressed their concern about the mounting Mystmountain raids into Northern Pendor, and we have heard their plight. We will dispatch an envoy to our friend among the tribes, Adonja along with an attache of merchants from the Fierdsvain provinces. Their task will be to establish trading relations between ourselves and the people of the Mystmountains."

Again, the King stopped, but this time he did not ask for more documents, instead he looked out at the contingent of Dragon's, eventually coming to meet Mastifus's eye, who held the King's gaze steadily.

"However, in the light of the increasing Mystmountain activity, we have to ask why the Dragon's seem more concerned with their civilised neighbours to the south rather than watching the mountains to the North. We would therefore ask that the borders between Pendor and Northern Pendor be opened in their entirety, and that the troops that you, Mastifus have patrolling those areas are instead diverted to a more... useful role." It was clear that Sir Mastifus was bristling at the accusations levelled against him, but he had no will, nor argument against his King. Instead his frosty one eyed stare remained locked on the sovereign, and the room fell quiet as the battle of wills between the two men unfolded. Sir Mastifus however, was the first to break, and he looked away with a shrug to show the matter meant little to him.

"Additionally, to assist in the defence against these raids, and to combat threats throughout Pendor in general we shall be re-allocating the counties which are given Marcher status, as follows. Talon, Valorshield, Evasolde, Eastcrown, Silverwood and Almerra will revert to normal, while Wyrmhold, Rela, Shadoweagle, Cez, Holdfast and Granitepass will all gain additional powers to aid in their defence. We will also send a garrison of 500 Royal Pendorians to Cez, to protect our southern border against further Snake Cult incursions. Together with this, we shall be appointing Duke Alamar to the Duchy of Rane so as to make the best use of his abilities to defend out borders, while Count Stephen will be raised to full Ducal title, and will take over as the Duke of Laria, so as to learn more of the other people in Pendor, and to lend some of his rugged Northern personality to taming the steppe over which he now has charge alongside the Order of the Silvermists. To aid Duke Alamar in his mission to safeguard our borders, we ask that the Dragon's place 100 Knights of the Dragon into his care."

With this, it was clear that Mastifus's self restraint was eroded as he watched a southern Lord take over the duty of care to the people, his people. With a glare at the King, Mastifus rose from his place and stormed out of the room followed by a number of other Dragon's, though none of them showed the same anger towards the sovereign that their master had.

* There is a notable reducation in raids in the North West nearest the new trade routes. Northcliff Mountains, Scalecoast, Mystveil Woods, Icemirror Mountains all receive +0.05 Merchants and +0.05 Peasants due to the peace this agreement brings.
* Additionally all Orders gain +0.05 Merchants due to the influx of furs to Pendor. These bonuses last until S2T1.
* Duke Alamar is moved to Rane, while Count Stephen becomes a Duke and moves to Laria.
* Further, 100 Knights of the Dragon become active patrolling the region of North Pendor (Until S3T1).
* 500 RPA to be stationed in Cez, specifically to defend against further Snake Cult attacks))

King Mordred coolly watched the Grandmaster and his entourage leave, barely registering that another man slipped in from a side room and made his way to the podium. He was by the Kings side before the Griffon's charged with defending the King could respond, but instead of proffering the expected dagger, he instead passed a scroll over. A scribe then, not an assassin. Tearing his eyes away from the departing backs of the Dragons, the King looked down and read the scroll reading it quickly, his face usually so calm and collected, darkening as he did.

"Leave us" he commanded to the man, and his task done he fled to the safety of the side door. Mordred's jaw tightened as he read the contents once more, and he rose from his place and began to pace in front of the throne, clearly agitated at the news that it bore. The present knights began to look around at their comrades, clearly uncomfortable with the anxiety of their King. A small number got up from their places, preparing to leave the room but their movement seemed to awaken the sovereign who spun on them, and seeing the look on his face, those few quickly sat once more.

"This is a letter from Duke Aelfwine, the ruler of the Duchy of Marleons" the King began reading over the top of the scroll, his eyes alternating between the parchment and the members of the Orders.

"Give this to the Silvermists" he commanded, passing the scroll to a scribe. The man quickly took the document, and handed it to the Silvermist delegation.

"The Duke informs me that my own Knights of the Griffon have leaked details of your meeting to the Duke and Counts of the Realm, and as a result he has seen fit to close the gates of his city to all Orders, and to banish the Order of the Silvermist from within his walls. The reason he states is that he has become convinced that the Orders are attempting to usurp the lands and titles of all the Nobles throughout Pendor and that he will take whatever actions he deems neccesary to protect the institutions which makes this land great. The evidence he cites for this is rather, damning. He is particularly disuqieted by the attempts of a number of Orders to use the office of "Free City" to strip a Noble of their title..." the King stated, glaring at the black and gold uniforms of his personal guardians.

The King stopped once more, shaking his head in disbelief while scratching his goatee as he considered the implications of this open revolt against his authority.

* Duke Aelfwine (37) banishes all Orders from their holdings, and -10 with all Orders, -4 with the Crown
* -1 Influence and -1 Relation for 8, 11, 19, 27, 39, 40, 43, 52, 53
* -3 Influence, -2 Relations 6, 12, 13, 20, 54, 55, 56
* -4 Influence, -3 Relations for 14, 28, 30, 32, 36, 44
* Griffons -0.2 Loyalists for breaching the King's trust in them
* All Orders -0.2 Global Nobles))

[OOC-Note: Edited according to the result of the GMs' discussion. See my announcement for further information/explanations ~Iskar]

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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome   IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome EmptyFri Nov 16, 2012 6:55 am

Iskar frowned several times while the king read out his decisions, but hearing of the Griffons' plot and Aelfwine's rebellion as result of that a dangerous rage flashed in his usually calm eyes. He remained seated and silent but his knuckles went white as he clutched the armrest of his chair and his mouth was but a thin colourless line.

After some time the rage gave way to a cold anger and Iskar rose to speak. Given permission by the master of ceremonies he said:

Your Majesty, I can hardly believe that these things should have happened, so outrageous and treacherous are the actions reported. In particular the order of the Griffon has forfeited the bit of trust one might have had left in them after the ridiculous accusations against Sir Aranor.

Not only did they betray a royal institution by spreading false or contorted reports on what transpired in the council among the nobility, but they thus drove a wedge between the military orders and the nobility which endangers the stability and welfare of the realm to the benefit of which the orders and the nobility should actually cooperate. As we have seen the duke of Marleons is already using this to his own purposes.
Furthermore the institution of such a council to help your majesty in governing the realm by working out recommendations - not decisions as some depict it - is damaged beyond repair by this treachery and it turns out the Griffons never intended to serve your majesty in this matter as tried all the other orders. They simply used this council for their own mischievous plots instead of thinking about the good of the realm. This final intrigue confirms the doubts created by their contraproductive behaviour throughout the council, starting with an armed invasion of the council chamber and not ending with the generally disapproved arrest of an accomplished knight and grandmaster.

Should it be the case that Sir Darlion had no hand in nor knowledge of this then he is obviously unable to control the order of the Griffon. Apart from the fact that the order who is supposed to provide your majesty's most loyal guardians openly acted against your majesty's will, how could a man that cannot even control a single order be trusted with the ruling of a whole duchy, let alone the duties as chancellor of the realm? If he was not involved in this final plot he must be removed from his positions so as to give him the opportunity to regain a firmer grip on the wayward order of the Griffon and regain your majesty's trust.

Now, what if he did have a hand in these plots or did at least tolerate them? He paused and glanced around to let everyone think about the implications of this for himself.
Yes, what would that mean? - It would mean that your majesty's most trusted advisor and second most powerful man in the realm did actively betray your majesty's trust and endanger the realm's stability that he is actually sworn to uphold.
How, one might further ask, did the Griffons manage to write and despatch so many letters in such short time? Did they even misuse the royal chancellery for their own plots, right under your majesty's nose?
If Sir Darlion had a part in this plot - which we are strongly tending to believe seeing it was him who led the first two strikes against the council - he misused his authority, betrayed your majesty's trust and endangered the realm to satiate his own hunger for power. Such a man as duke of Sarleon, Grandmaster of the Griffon and Chancellor of the realm would be an insult to every faithful Pendorian. Furthermore one would need an investigation so as to determine which members of the Griffon were also involved in this intrigue to the realm's detriment.

Having made his point he bowed and sat down again.

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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome   IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome EmptyWed Nov 21, 2012 2:46 am

Sir Azrael felt the marshal’s eyes staring at his back. Being the only Griffon with anything even resembling interest in politics he would be required to talk on behalf of his order. He sighed, stood up and started to talk.

”Well, seems that you have made your point, so I guess I’ll have to talk on our behalf.”

Sir Azrael cleared his voice.

”First of all you claim that that the actions are treacherous and outrageous. With the latter I can understand why you would feel like that, but the former remains to be decided by His Majesty, not you, constable. “

Sir Azrael took a brief look at the knights present.

”Then let’s see the arrest part. The arrest was generally disapproved, yes. But law is the law and his grace acted as he saw fit, in his own city. Grandmaster Aranor was found innocent of the accusations, but the fact remains that he made a very poor choice of words there, and it is not difficult to see, why Duke Darlion arrested him back there.”

Sir Azrael took a small look at his notebook.

”You think that your suggestion of royal council is ruined. Are you deaf? His Majesty previously agreed to form such an institute. You never specified whether you wanted it to be of only a advisory role or actually having power, so you may be truthful on your intentions. The only time this came up was when Duke Darlion informed the council that Griffons would support the proposal only if the council had only an advisory role. That seemed to find the disapproval of grandmaster Aranor and it snowballed into the trial from there.”

”Then you accuse the Griffons of not serving the king, His Majesty, and His rightful land. You are wrong in that. Just like other orders present, Griffons reacted to the subjects discussed at the council, nothing more, nothing less. The orders were all called to discuss the matters. Disagreements were bound rise. Do you honestly believe that being counterproductive is the same is disagreeing with your order on some subjects? And what comes to this armed invasion, Duke Darlion had every right to keep his own guards in his city. You are also exaggerating quite a bit with using invasion as the term. The halberdiers brought by Silvermists cooperated with the Royal guards for the rest of the meeting. The disagreement was mainly about Mastifus’ knife.”

Another look.

”Then the wedge. The wedge was formed because some of the members in the council wanted to strip nobles of their rank. Three dukes at the start, two later after grandmaster Aranor called everyone out on targeting Duke Brennus. Cooperation between two parties doesn’t work if the other side tries to strip away the other’s rightful titles. Had this been found out later, the fallout would have been more severe. I must also say it is painfully ironic how your ‘solution’ to this ‘problem’ is to strip yet another noble of his title.

Sir Azrael had a final sigh.

”The rest is aimed at His Grace, Duke Darlion, and I do not have the right to speak on his behalf.”

Sir Azrael bowed and seated himself, annoyed at the fact that due to this he would have to involve himself in politics yet again.


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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome   IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome EmptyWed Nov 21, 2012 10:19 am

Mordred listened to Sir Azrael's words with a stoic calm on his face, his thoughts unreadable. After the Griffon had finished, the king was silent for a minute, and the occupants of the room waited respectfully for him to comment. When he finally spoke, his voice was no longer quiet, but resolute and full of steel.

"Through his actions, Duke Darlion has endangered the safety of my realm. Not only did he show a lack of loyalty and honour in his methods, but he also showed how little respect he has for me and my crown by conspiring to undermine my authority. Pendor now faces the very real threat of internal conflict, for which there can be no excuse or pardon. As my trust in the Duke has been forfeited by his conduct, I see no option but to remove him from the role of chancellor. I will not have an advisor that would clearly serve his own goals above that of the realm's, and all relevant powers and privileges shall also be stripped from his person."

The king paused to massage his brow, the only explicit evidence of his internal turmoil he had revealed through his address.

"Were Darlion another man I would have him stripped of his title as well... But I cannot countenance this when he did not technically break the law of the realm. It is only through the virtue of my relationship with the Duke that he is not removed from all other areas of responsibility, although I say to you now that I no longer view him with any favour. In addition, I cannot risk any further action to jeapordise the security of the realm... Although I have considered it..."

Trailing off with a thunderous expression, Mordred finally sat down and resumed in a calmer tone.

"So be it. Darlion is no longer my Chancellor. This council is ended and you are all dismissed. Leave me."

[OOC: Darlion is removed from the post of Chancellor, and retains his duchy and Grandmaster status.

Call to revoke the Duchy
Tubby; -1
Aranor; 0
Iskar; +1
Gut Feeling; -2

Roll : 1-3-2= -4

Call to revoke the Chancellery
Tubby; +1
Aranor; +1
Iskar; +1
Gut Feeling; +1

Roll : 4-3+4= +5]

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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty
PostSubject: Re: IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome   IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome Empty

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IC Scene: The Throne Room Outcome
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