An RPG detailing the aftermath of the events of PoP3 and the events before PoP4
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 Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion

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Marcus the Shadow Fighter

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PostSubject: Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion   Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:11 pm

Ok, i think i began thinking on organizing the Legion around the same time Azlanek did, so here it is. I think i've fixed a lot of things regarding their tactics and organization.

First, the Ranks and their powers.

Grandmaster of the Order, titles Shadow Legatus, Shadow Fighter.
- Does all the paperwork, keeps count of the Legion's money, handles recruitment and is the overall commander of the battle.
- Has the final say on diplomacy.
- His task is also to train the other officers.
- Hires auxiliaries

Legion's second in Command, a Centurion Commander and Constable of the Legion.
- Is tasked with training the regular footsoldiers and commanding the Centurions.
- Has a say in military and diplomacy, he can speak on his own behalf and give orders on his own behalf, and is part of the High Council of the Legion. (Gets to know plans, etc.)
- Commands a cohort

Legionaries, Centurions:
- Commands one contubernum(tenth of a cohort)of the Legion. If for example there are three cohorts with 100 men each, one contubernum is 10 men.
- Can, when time requires, act on his own behalf in diplomatic and military matters, but very rarely they have the opportunity to do so.
- Are in charge of keeping discipline and order amongs the soldiers.
- If there are auxiliaries, they are divided between contubernums as support troops.

Ok, here's the TACTICS.

- A portion of the legionaries have an extra spear (in-game, lets say a war spear)
- The spearmen are put on front, on one or two rows, depending on the width of the formation and on the number of men.
- Axe, sword and-javelinmen are put on the back ranks, with auxiliaries on the sides.
- When the spearmen hold the line with swords and axes killing people who come too close, the javelins will pepper enemies and auxiliaries will wear them down.
- Best used to clear a tight spot of enemies
- Easy to flank, not very useful on open fields.

Velitatio, "Skirmish"
- Auxiliaries and javelin-armed legionaries on front, on a thin long line.
- The main mass of infantry is behind them with cavalry on flanks.
- The purpose of this formation is to prevent enemies from charging you head-on, since when the long line is attacked from one spot, the rest of the line can pepper the flanks of the enemy soldiers while the infantry mass behind the skirmishers rush in to save the skirmishers attacked.
- Very flexible, reserves placed on strategic locations to prevent the enemy on smashing your lines.
- Cavalry is used to hammer-and-anvil.


- 200-600 men.
- Cohorts, usually at least hundred-strong, plus auxilia soldiers.
- Cavalry, 10-100 men strong, depending on number of horses taken with the Legion.

LEGION, the whole army, 200-600 men.

COHORT, at least hundred soldiers plus auxiliaries, commanded by 2nd-in-command and his appointed commanders.

CENTUBORNUM, tenth of a cohort plus auxiliaries, commanded by Centurions.

Centurions are the regular officers of the Legion. Legates are appointed commanders of the cohorts, appointed by the second in command.

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Dragon of the North

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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion   Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:24 pm

Looks good to me. How are your auxiliaries armed? Also is there a difference between your Shadow Centurians and Shadow Legionnaires? The way I had in mind is that the Centurians are essentially mounted Legionnaires.
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Marcus the Shadow Fighter

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Location : A windy cavern somewhere near Helsinki

PostSubject: Re: Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion   Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:39 pm

Yes indeed. You could refer Centurions=Tribunes, mounted officers commanding their little force.

Auxiliaries have light armour, leather with fur pelts on top of them or just their civilian clothers, some even having heavier armour, depending on their own wealth. They are dependantly armed with javelins, bows, short swords, short spears and shields. Some have no shields at all, some have.

You can understand my point here, a bit ragged sort of skirmishers, by no means professional, but every one of them are still experienced(not trained) in use of their weapons. They may have hunting bows, some may even have longbows, and melee weapons vary from a dagger to a long sword, some having one-or two handed axes.

It all depends on the personal wealth of the auxilia. We could divide them into bow auxilia and javelin auxilia, but i feel it's better if they are a mishmash of skirmishing troops.
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PostSubject: Re: Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion   

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Discussion: The Ranks of the Shadow Legion
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